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Company Profile

ADN FINANCE SA was established under the review of the Swiss Federal Bureau of Commerce, with a registered capital of 100000 Swiss francs. ADN in Switzerland meets the strict AML regulations (Article 2), and is directly under the supervision of the Swiss Financial Market Supervision Authority. ADN has a wide range of business, mainly divided into two sectors:

① Fund companies and precious metal spot investment

② New energy investment (wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation and new energy vehicle charging pile)

At present, the Group's fund management scale has reached 10 billion US dollars, its business covers 50 countries and regions around the world, has more than 1500 regular employees, and has offices in more than 10 countries and regions around the world.


Main business of our company

Fund companies

The ESSA Fund company under ADN FINANCE SA, founded in 2017, holds 64% and 36% shares respectively with foreign shareholders (DBS), the largest bank in Southeast Asia and the largest listed company on the Singapore Stock Exchange. The main business segment is: index fund, stock fund, mixed fund, bond fund, QDII monetary wealth management principal guaranteed fund, involving financial investments such as stocks, bonds, central bank bills, short-term financing bills, asset-backed securities, and financial derivatives. It is the most important financial sector business of ADN Group. In May 2018, ESSE established a foundation in Singapore.

Precious metal investment transaction

Precious metal investment trading is the predecessor of the Group's business. Online Antiinvest holds the formal license of the London Stock Exchange and the license of the Bahamas Securities Commission (SCB). It is legally authorized to operate foreign exchange trading, precious metal trading and other financial businesses. Experienced senior analysts track and explain the market in real time through think tank live broadcast, providing investors with forward-looking trading strategies. The platform provides diversified investment products such as London Gold, London Silver and physical gold. Precious metals, such as gold and silver, are financial products that attract much attention from investors in the financial management market. In the context of the global economic downturn, the risk avoidance value of precious metals is prominent. Customers only need to open a real account to invest in the global market, easily increase their wealth, and effectively resist risks such as asset shrinkage and inflation.

Wind power generation

In the field of wind power, it is an important business field in the new energy industry of ADN Group. At present, the Group has invested 60 million dollars in Cyan Renewables in Singapore, and achieved a global layout in the field of new energy wind power through cooperation with Cyan. Through financing and merger, Cyan has become a large wind turbine manufacturer and wind power plant operator in the world, providing ADN with technologies and services on smart wind turbines, wind farms, distributed wind power, smart energy storage and other products. In the future, ADN Group will continue to increase investment in this field.

PV power generation

Solar power generation is one of the most environmentally friendly renewable energy sources today. ADN Group is currently seeking investment goals globally. The Group attaches great importance to the photovoltaic power generation industry and hopes to develop renewable energy, improve the power generation of solar energy through professional knowledge, so as to achieve the goal of zero emissions and achieve sustainable profits in the future.

Charging pile of new energy vehicles

The charging pile business is the core sector of the Group, which is currently the most invested, largest business and the most widely involved technical field of the Group. ADN FINANCE SA officially entered the new energy vehicle charging pile industry in 2021, opening the strategic goal of laying out the future new energy. The Group has complete market access qualifications for new energy charging piles, and the supply chain system has been preliminarily improved. It is vigorously promoting and operating the new energy vehicle charging pile business.

Hydroelectric power generation

This field is an important support for the new energy industry layout of ADN Group. At present, the company has conducted business cooperation with Singapore SERIS Company to develop hydropower equipment and research technology. Meanwhile, PT TIRTA ABADI RAYA signed the EPC contract for the 250 MW hydropower project in Jakarta, realizing the rolling development of Indonesia's clean energy market and helping Indonesia accelerate its carbon neutral goal. The project is located in North Kalimantan Province, Kalimantan Island, Indonesia. It is planned to install three axial flow turbine generator units with a total installed capacity of 250 MW.

Our Achievement

Our Achievement

Promote the development of green financial business and overall profitability, serve the green and low-carbon transformation of the economy and industry, and accelerate the innovation of green financial business model.


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